In Ecuador... Sì gioca a Floorball

Floorballmaniatv continua il suo giro del mondo, alla scoperta del floorball delle altre nazioni. 

Questa volta abbiamo raggiunto e contattato il coordinatore del Floorball in Ecuador, Jonathan Pazmiño, al quale abbiamo fatto alcune domande e, di presentarsi al nostro mondo Sportivo. 

L'intervista è in inglese, buona lettura. 

Tell the world public who you are, what you do and why you chose the floorball.

My name is Jonathan Pazmiño and I am a national floorball coordinator in Ecuador.

My job is to spread and publicize this sport throughout the country, this is done through training and training.

We knew this sport through the organization Floorball4all of Switzerland, they are the ones who provide us with material and knowledge to expand the sport

1) Floorball in Ecuador, how did you discover this sport?

This sport arrived in Ecuador in 2014, by the management of a Swiss missionary. He made arrangements for the Floorball4all organization to visit the country and delegate responsible in each city and province.

2) It is a young sport, how do you spread it?

We receive several floorball kits every year, at that time we do training in our provinces and after training we donate the kits to people who are willing to work with children and youth.

We work in parks, schools, churches and schools, creating sports teams to compete.

3) On your Facebook page, there are many children, do you have a children’s championship?

We have in the city of Guayaquil, 5 teams of children from 7 to 13 years. Also in Quito we have 2 teams of children from 8 to 12 years old and our desire is to work in government schools.

As for the championships, last year we had the first children’s tournament in Quito and this February we will have one in Guayaquil.

4) Are your tournaments mixed teams or do you have male and female teams?

At the moment we only have mixed teams and we hope to create a category of women very soon.

5) Do you have a senior category championship?

Yes, we have a category of old msyltrws that recently participated in the South American Floorball Vops in Peru.

6) Have you been recognized by the IFF, or have you requested it?

We are not yet recognized by the IFF but we are in the process of becoming legalized and in a few years we hope to be part of the IFF.

7) Who are the most famous Ecuadorian players?

Our most promising players are.
Dario Zambrano.
Gabriel Meneses.
Daniela Solis.
Andrea Castro

8) How many kids are there in Ecuador playing Floorball?

I estimate that there are currently around 100 children playing floorball.

9) How is the situation in Ecuador now, in relation to sport? Is there any help?

We are doing the paperwork to get help from our government and for the moment we have not received government help.

10) Thank you for telling us your story.

Floorballmaniatv is at your disposal to tell when you want your stories.