Letter to the President of the Italian Republic.

Floorballmania and the Italian Unihockey Floorball Federation want to make Italian athletes aware of something positive that has happened in our sporting movement.

For this we thank Stefano Crotti, goalkeeper coach of the Italian Under 19 men's national team, because he was the promoter.

Remember those two minutes and between seconds of silence and then the a cappella anthem of the Italian girls under 19 at Saku in Estonia?

If you want to relive the exciting moment click the link below ...

The hymn to Saku - Estonia-

For us singing it like this was a warning of pride, it was one of those moments as a true Italian and for some it was a commendable gesture, a gesture such as to have to write a letter to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

All to signal the attachment to the shirt, to Italy and the pride with which the anthem of Mameli, the only Italian anthem, was sung.

The author of this report was, as we have already mentioned, Stefano Crotti because according to him, at that moment he was excited and felt proud to be Italian.

The text of the letter is very nice, but then once sent to the presidency of the Republic, the question arose spontaneously, will you answer?

But who knows floorball at the Quirinale? Who will take it upon themselves to tell the President what happened? But above all who, after a summer full of important sports medals, would lose 5 minutes of their time with us?

The answer to all these questions is only one, the President Sergio Mattarella.

Yes, the answer has arrived, not by email but in written form with a lot of letterhead where the President of the Italian Republic congratulates the girls of the Italian Under 19 Women's National Team.

Below we put the original letter.

I am proud of you girls, I promised Saku that you would write the story and you did it, that you would be remembered and so it was, the President's letter is the icing on the cake you deserve it, print it and proudly keep it .

We will make a collage of photos and send them to the President to thank him for his interest.

Be proud of what you have done.