Thomas Anderson at the World Championships in Helsinki

Thomas Anderson

We interviewed him, then remembered him for his 400 games, but after the latest news coming directly from the IFF he definitely deserves another mention on floorballmania.

International referee Thomas Anderson has once again been chosen to direct together with his partner Rickard Wissman the final round of the Men's World Floorball Championship, which will be held in Helsinki, Finland in early December.

The news might seem like one of many, but Referee Thomas is in his fourth world participation and his new record perhaps makes him one of the longest referee in this sport.

Thomas Anderson

He is highly regarded in the sporting world, both by the IFF and the teams he directs, and he and his partner always provide excellent refereeing. 

That is why we are happy to dedicate a new article to him and wish him many more successes in his career.

Go Referee Thomas.

Francesca Belli