Great prospects for Floorball in Serbia

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Floorball is expanding more and more and there is a nation that is pushing for floorball to become something really big.

Their tenacity is known to all, a proud and fighting people, we are talking about Serbia.

Here the floorball has taken root and the first flowers are sprouting, the results are beginning to show.

We talk about it with the Serbian federation to learn more about their projects.

1) Hi and thank you very much for accepting our interview. How is it going in Serbia at this historical moment? Are you still? How is the health situation? You are fine?

1) Hello to all floorball players and supporters from all over the world.

We are fine, thanks for asking. We all hope that we will stay healthy and that we will be able to continue to work normally very soon.

Like in the rest of the world our actions are limited because of the global pandemic but we are trying to go forward as much as possible. We hope that all of you are fine as well and that we all together continue to play the game we love so much.

2) Let's talk about floorball. We became curious about your sporting movement after speaking with your national team coach, Husar Lacika. How is the growth of floorball going in Serbia? How are you carrying out the propaganda of this sport? How much interest is there from sponsors and people in this sport?

2) We can say that our national coach Lacika Husar "opened the floorball window to the world" and gave a great interview about the Serbian floorball.

Floorball in Serbia was growing very fast until the global pandemic started, and we hope that it will continue to grow as soon as the situation gets better.

The interest for floorball among the boys and girls of all age groups is huge, the  kids usually simply fall in love with the game at the first sight.

As much as the interest is huge among the players that much the interest from sponsors in low. Floorball is relatively new sport in Serbia and out job as the Serbian National Association is to promote the game of floorball as much as possible not just to potential players but to all people in Serbia.

So far we are doing a great job of promoting floorball trough the social networks, internet portals, newspapers, local tv stations and we hope it will he even better in future.

Alligators Summer Camp

3) What championships are there in Serbia to date? Are the categories mixed or are there championships, boys and girls? How are the under categories framed in the championships?

3) Floorball players in Serbia so far have many competitions and tournaments where all of them can compete and fight for medals and for a national team call.

We have Serbian National Championship, Regional Championship, City Leagues, and many other tournaments.

The most exciting event are summer training camps who are open for boys and girls from all over the world. Every summer we host more than 200 players and our base is the most beautiful town in Serbia called Sombor.

Sombor is the place of birth of our NBA super star Nikola Jokić ( Denver Nuggets ) who is the main guest on our floorball camp every year so all the players can spend some time with the best center in NBA.

So far all the competition are played in mix ( boys and girls together in one team ) and our main goals for this year is to form strictly boys and girls teams.

We will continue to play in mix as well on some tournaments because of the good atmosphere and for building good friendship.

We have all categories ( U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and senior teams ).

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4) How are your players selected for the national teams? Are there adequate training and match facilities? Does the Serbian government recognize you as a sport and as a federal sports body?

4) We follow all our players during a year in all competitions. We organise open and closed Tryouts a few times per year where our national coaches call between 25 and 35 players.

After tryouts they cut the list to 12-16 players depends of the competition we will participate.

Serbian government officially recognized floorball as a sport, and we hope that we will get more support from our National Sports Federation in the future.

5) What are the goals you have set for us for the future? When will Serbia host a world qualification?

5) Our main goal right now is to promote and develop the game of floorball in all country.

Our plan is to get more clubs and to create a big base of players ( about 2000-3000 ) in the next five years.

We have solid facilities in our country and we hope that we will be able to host and organise such a big event in the next 5 years.

Alligators Summer Camp

Thank you very much for your availability, Floorballmania was honored to witness your intense work.

Thank you for your work in spreading floorball around the world. Floorballmania gave us a nice gift we hope to meet you in person soon.

You are officially invited to our summer camp we are waiting for you.


In Serbia every year there is a fantastic camp on floorball and where many boys and girls are sent, lovers of this sport, but also those who want to know it for the first time.

The most active company in Serbia at the moment, it is also the company that takes care of the organization of these events, their name is the Alligators, they do a great job of promotion.

The company says they are interested in any partnership with floorball Europe that could make this discipline grow even more in their country. The Federation is carrying out a great job, to ensure that Serbia becomes one of the greats of this sport.

with this opportunity we are attaching to the interview, two links that can make you understand what we are actually talking about.

Alligators Summer Camp

Camp of the Alligators takes place in the summer in the beautiful town of Sombor.

Sombor City

Please follow an instagram page @alligatorshockey, there you will find a lot of interesting stuff and you can follow the activities of youth floorball in Serbia.