At Floorballmania, Victor Wettergren Falun player.

Our international interviews restart and we return to ibf falun home where we meet a young striker of great quality.

Swedish class 2000 about 190 cm in height, a weight striker who knows how to make the most of his physique helped above all by great technique and a good achievement average. 

We are talking about Victor Wettergren, whom we thank for giving us the time. 

1) Hi Victor, how are you? How are you experiencing this difficult moment, linked to Covid 19? 

It’s a very difficult time for all individuals. I try to be as positive as I can possibly be and focus on the games and practice.

2) Victor tell us when you start playing? At what age do you discover that it would be your sport for life?

I started play floorball when I was 4-5 years old and pretty much directly when my family moved to Nykvarn, a small village in Sweden I for real started my journey, I was 6 at the time.

3) in which company does your career start? Have you always played on offense? Or have you tried other roles?

I have always played on left wing, we didn’t have that much right players so it was pretty obvious that I would play that position. I tried play defenseman but it wasn’t my thing. I liked to make the goals!.

 4) can you tell us the emotion of your first day of training as a child? And then tell us about your first day at Falun?

I remember my first training as very fun of course and I remember that in the end we put out 3-4 balls and played this chaotic game. 

5) Finland-Sweden Challenge, Europe Tournament, World Championship Under 19 Can you tell us your emotions? Which of these three do you remember with more pleasure?

Big step in my career and a awesome experience. I think the Finland-Sweden challenge was the best because of the arrangements. World Cup wasn’t that good unfortunately... even if it went well personally.

If you get yourself selected to a national team just enjoy and feel proud. It means that they think very positive about you!.

6) The Falun is full of great players and we have interviewed many of them already, with which of them do you feel best during the game? 

I think Johan Samuelsson is a great player in so many ways!. He take cares of me and the whole line so I would say him. 

This year I think Emil Kalentun and I will get some more chemistry and be a nice duo!.

First training in Falun was a very powerful moment. When you think back on how much time you put in to this and how it all started I got very proud. Big reminder to keep the work up too get yourself to new highs!.

7) What goals have you set yourself as a player and you as a Falun team? 

For myself I always have personal goals but I keep them for myself, and for the team it’s of course win every game but most important win the gold medals!.

8) Now you are no longer in the under 19 category, are you thinking about the senior national team? In your opinion, how much work needs to be done to establish yourself in the national team of the great? 

Yeees your are right, sad but as I said earlier new goals are set to overcome. Senior National team is extremely tempting and I will put in hard work and do my best so my time will come.

9) Let's play a game. Compose your ideal line of play, with you inside, made up of players from other teams, starting with the goalkeeper.

My dream lineup will be Johan Rehn guarding the posts. Defenseman Emil Johansson and Tobias Gustafsson I don’t have to say so much about them. Just absolute fire!. Center Hampus Ahren my buddy from junior floorball easy to play with and knows where I want the ball. Right wing is a hard one but I probably chose Simon Karlsson. 

 10) Floorballmania greets you and wishes you a great sporting season, good luck young Champion.

Thank you! :)

N.B. Photos courtesy of Victor Wettergren