At Floorballmania Oscar Lundin Head Coach STORVRETA.

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Floorballmania continues its round of international matches we talked about players and we talked about forwards of defenders of goalkeepers but this time we want to take you into the world of coaching.

 We want to do it by talking to a character who trains a great team where there are great players understand the difficulties and understand the way in which great heads train and how they manage to make multi top players work together. 

We are talking about a young coach who has already asserted himself in Switzerland where he trained the malans alligators until last season leading them to the final of the 2020 Swiss Super Cup lost by a short time against Koniz floorballs.

 This year he lands in SSL and will train a great one of this Swedish Championship but ibk storvreta's team. We are talking about the very young coach Oscar Lundin. 

1) Hi Oscar How are you we are happy that you accepted our interview. 

-Hello! No problem. It’s always nice to speak about floorball.

2) you were coach of the Alligator Malans, what do you leave in that club? Tell us what you remember with pleasure and which thing, sportingly speaking, would you like to cancel?

-I remember a lot of things with pleasure. The country of Switzerland, the canton of Graubünden… But especially the club of Alligator Malans. It was really, in both good and bad ways, runned like a family. It meant so much for the people in and around the club and they let me in. You always learn as a coach and remember things that you could have found another solution for. Thats how you develop. I would for example make some different decisions during our cupfinal against Zug.

Photo Adam Troy

3) After a few years in Switzerland, the call came from Sweden and above all from a great team like Storvreta when you realized you had to say yes to their flattery? 

-It’s a big honour to be the coach of Storvreta IBK. The timing to move home was good for me and my family – and this club was the best choice for many reason.

4) your participation in this club seems to be much more than just the first team you will also have the task of making the young people grow well. What do you think you can give to young kids? How important will your Alligator malans experience be to coach a team like Storvreta? 

- Absolutely, I work close together with our juniorcoach. It’s important for both me and the club that we develop a good enviroment for the young boys and girls to grow. My mission is to give the juniors support and help to understand the game of floorball. I want to reach out to them and motivate them in their journey against the top. All coaching experience is important. In Malans I worked three years with both elite and juniorplayers from another culture and background – that’s always interesting and helps you to develop as a leader.

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5) In this team there are many top players how will you manage to make them coexist with each other? Is it more difficult to train a team of the same level or a team of top players? 

-Good question. I would say it’s easier in one way to work with the best players. They understand the game so good and they are able to do almost anything with the ball. That means that you, as a coach, can use almost any tool or tactic you like. As long as you get all the players onboard an make them believe. And that brings us to the harder part. When you have a lot of experienced, world class players they have seen a lot and all of them have in different parts of their careers had a big role in the team. To make everyone buy in to the same idea and accept their roles demands a good communication and that you as a leader do everything with clarity. That’s a key.

6) In the supercup we have seen an aggressive malans, create a lot of play and do a lot of pressing in every part of the pitch, will you also play with storvreta in this way will you ask your team to press any part of the pitch? 

- The way we pressed with Malans in different situations will also be able to see with Storvreta IBK. The pressing system itself will be the same. With Storvreta we have 5 different triggers that gets the pressing going. And when it’s on – it’s 100% on!

Photo Adam Troy

7) In this team you will have the chance to work with a floorball milestone Mika KOHONEN and you will find Matthias Samuelsson in the team, how do you think you can manage these two great entities? 

- Those two are great athletes and role models, two of the biggest in the history of our sport. And so long we’ve been functioning great together. Both of them helps me a lot with their experience.

8) Which game module does Oscar Lundin prefer and why?

- I like them all but If I need to choose I would say the build up-phase with the ball. I find it really interesting to find I way to take the ball to the offensive zone with good control. It’s about overloads, numerical or qualitative. We speak a lot about this. To understand which positions we need to occupy between the lines of our opponent and how we can get the ball to the spaces we want.

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