At Floorballmania Floorball 4 All.


Floorballmania returns to the United States of America and does it to introduce you to a movement that is depopulating.

 They want to make floorball known and expand their posts and videos are of great level, they are of an explosive, inventive floorball, between Zorro and great goals, we follow them with great pleasure.

Let's get to know them better we're talking about Floorball4all.

1) What is Floorball 4 All? And what exactly do you do? 

Foorball 4 All is the number 1 floorball equipment supplier in the United States, offering products from the biggest floorball brands in the world, Unihoc and Zone.

 We offer a limited but carefully selected mix of products, well suited for both beginners and more advanced players. Our mission is to support the growth and development of floorball in the United States by making the sport a popular recreation for young people and adults across the nation.

 We provide organizations and individuals with floorball know-how and the highest quality products and services. We at Floorball 4 All are a proud sponsor of both the US men’s and ladies team as well as the youth teams.

2) Many of your Instagram posts are spectacular videos, why? What is the ultimate goal?

Floorball is one of the fastest growing team sports in the world. We want to be a part of this growth. One of the best ways of doing that is through sharing all of our talented athlete’s skills via videos on social media.

 We want the #floorball4allchallenge to reach as many people as possible to keep motivating others all around the U.S. and the world to pick up a floorball stick. We feel that it is even more important today for people to be active and taking care of their bodies during this ongoing pandemic.

 Floorball is a great sport for people of all ages while still practicing social distancing. We are showing people that you can play anywhere in the world either by yourself practicing on your individual skills or playing a pick-up game with friends and family.  

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 3) You operate in the United States of America, how much do you think Floorball 4 All is making this sport known? In your opinion, what more would it take to get you off the ground?

Americans love their sports. The battle is getting the sport of floorball integrated into American culture. We aren’t there yet, but we believe by introducing floorball to as many schools, rec centers, and afterschool programs as possible, we will get there.

 We have a great partnership with the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL that has led to more than 100 schools in the Triangle Area of NC to start playing floorball and it has become very popular. We actually had a floorball tournament scheduled in partnership with the Hurricanes this past Spring that unfortunately was cancelled due to Covid.

 Floorball is already beloved by people of all ages all around the world, so we are simply continuing to raise awareness.  The more exposure the better!

 4) Do you have open contacts with other realities in America? Have you ever collaborated with floorball guru? Have you ever organized your own Camps? Or are you going to organize them?

Unfortunately the tournament we had scheduled with the Carolina Hurricanes for Spring of 2020 was cancelled, but we do have plans for organizing floorball camps and tournaments in the future.

 We are also in contact with the newly started North American Floorball League, and a couple of potential teams for its inaugural season. As mentioned before, we are also sponsoring the Men’s and Women’s U19 national teams.

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5) Floorballmania is a magazine and a website very active all over the world, if you had the possibility, would you make your own column dedicated to floorball in America?

We would definitely be interested in an opportunity like this in the future. Can you elaborate in more detail what that would look like

Floorballmania, thank Floorball4All for their willingness to respond to our interviews and for the work you are doing in the United States of America.

Thank you,

Kenny Orchard