Christian Coray, goalkeeper in the Swiss club Basel Regio


Floorballmaniatv moves to Switzerland and goes to the Basel Regio unihockey club, to meet one of the hottest players at the moment. Great goalkeeper with great physique with fast reflexes and instincts, all together very charismatic.We are talking about Christian Coray, we meet him and let him tell us about it, how it is in the life of a goalkeeper in Switzerland. 

1) Hi Christian how are you? Do we tell our readers who you are and what you do in life as well as being a great floorball goalie?

Hi Floorballmaniotv, Hi Dario. Thanks, I'm doing well! The Corona situation lets me stay at home as most of the people at the moment.For all the readers who don't know me here some facts: I'm 27 years old and the goalkeeper of the Floorballclub Basel Regio in NLB of Switzerland. I'm studying physiotherapist in Basel but during this time every lecture has to be done over videoconference. I do some work-outs at home for getting myself in great shape when we can go back to the halls. I started with some Yoga every day which keeps my core strong and brings me to the right flexibility for being back the net for a great next season!

2) When do you start playing floorball? Which team did you start playing with?

I started playing floorball in my small hometown called Lostorf with the age of 14.We had only a junior team and later a 5th division men's team. As usual in Switzerland you starting on the smallfield so I did this as well. Later on I changed to another smallfield club SC Oensingen Lions. There I played 3 seasons in the 2nd highest divison. Then i wanted to try out some more professional and more challenging club.

Because of my job situation I searched a club near Basel and so it came that after some tryouts i changed to my first bigfield club Basel Regio (the club was in the 3rd highest divison at this time) at this time i was 22.It was perfect timing to change to this club because in my first season we promoted to the NLB. It was a great team and an even bigger effort we brought up! Even I hadn't so much playing time in my first season it was a nice emotional season!

3) Have you always played on goal or have you had different experiences as a role on the field?
​I started 2 years as a fieldplayer on the smallfield in the club Unihockey Mittelland (back in these days the club was called Stawi Olten). Then i quickly tried out some football (as a goalkeeper) but the team wasn't so serious about football. So it was a short year I played there and went back to floorball but this time as goalkeeper for my hometown club Lostorf. At some practices when I was a player in Stawi Olten I went to the goal because we had only one goalie and I really enjoyed being in the net. It doesn't matter which sport I just liked being a goalie and so the journey started.

4) Do you play in the Basel Regio team. How was your season this year? And in general how did the team go? 

Our season was pretty good. We had a pretty young team and we had some ups and downs during the season but we stayed focused and improved the longer the season went. Then we won the quarterfinals serie 3:1, semifinals 3:0 and then corona stopped our season. We would have played the promotiongames against a NLA club.

5) The younger goalkeepers of your club, what advice do they ask you when they train?

I was two years a junior goalie-coach for Basel Regio. Then i stopped a year because of starting with my study. I tried always to bring back the basic-stuff. When you start getting better at the basic you'll improve at the rest as well. It's all about repetition and the will to always improve. Specially as a goalie you don't get as many feedbacks as players do. So you need the will to work more than most of the team. Sometimes it's hard because nobody appreciates the work you do but the process will pay it off!

That's kind of the motivation I got for the videos and the idea of my episode called Humpday with some learning videos for goalkeepers because they don't get as many ideas as players. If young goalies wanna see them just search my instagram account coray93.

6) Can you tell us the most beautiful experience you have had in floorball? What was your biggest emotion?

It's hard to choose one. The promotion to NLB was great but there I didn't play a role on the field. Three things have been really special since I'm a goalkeeper. First is the process I made from a smallfield goalie to a top NLB-Club goalie which in the closest future will promote to the NLA. The 2nd thing came up because of my process. A young goalie wanted a signature of me and my gameshirt.

This youngster was a juniorgoalie of a opponents club. That moment made myself proud and showed me that I have now a function as role model. The last thing as a player have been the promotion games last season against Thun. It was great playing in front of almost 900 spectators and saved a penalty in a situation with so much pressure. If I watch some videos of this games I'm still getting goose bumps!
7) what emotion does it feel to parry a penalty? And what emotion is it like to make a decisive save at the last second?

As I said in the last question the penalty I saved against Thun was just such a great feeling. I analyse that player before the promotiongames and I knew exactly what he's going to do. When he walked to the penaltypoint he pressed his blade flat. It was the perfect sign that he's doing his usual penalty and yes he did and yes I saved it. Normally I'm really celebrating a penaltysave but in this game I stood under a lot of pressure. So I just stood up as nothing special happened.​ But at this moment you feel so powerful and you feel that nobody could score against you in this game!

 8) Have you ever been decisive in a game this year? Can you tell us how it went?

As all the players, I'm for sure a part of the success we had during the last season. There were some games which I had some good quality saves and some extra saves which helped the team.From the game on against Floorball Thurgau (third last game in the qualification - we saved the 1st place in the qualification) I've had a really good flow and could bring always some extras into the games.
But in the quarterfinals (in playoffs) we've been behind in the series with a lost. I started the 2nd and 3rd game and I was only beaten by one goal in both games. We won the games 1:5 and 8:0. There I had two great games but for sure as a goalie you always need some luck, the help of your teammates and the red posts around to get not passed.

9) the coronavirus has blocked all the championships, what do you think of this particular moment? How do you think the Swiss championship will resume next year?

It was a hard moment for all the players, staff, all sportguys in general but specially for all the people over the world.We played actually at this day when the swiss association decided to stop and quit the season. Our team won the game and the serie that evening. We would've been in the promotion-games against the NLA-team Ad Astra Sarnen for a spot in the NLA. Later the association decided to rate the championship as never played.

So we start next year our journey in NLB again for getting to the promotion-games to NLA. A long way to go through the championship and playoffs. I hope the start of the championship 20/21 will be started at the 12th of september as planed but who knows how it will come this days. I think there will be no or limited visitors allowed in the beginning of the season. This is just my opinion how it will be in the future. Anyway i'm really looking forward to play in the net with my team again!

10) Thanks Coray, you were very kind to answer Floorballmaniatv's questions.

Thank you Floorballmaniatv for having me for a nice talk and great questions! I'm thankful for being a part of your journey now! All the best for the further floorball-times and let's hope we can all go into the halls for practice and play some nice floorball again! Best regards and nice wishes Christian Coray #1