We present the Italian Floorball Championship

We introduce you to the Italian Floorball Championship

We are ready to start. We are preparing the last things and very soon we will publish the calendar of the Championship of the highest Italian series, a lot of news and a lot of certainty in this restart. 

The nine teams that will participate in the year of rebirth have been announced, the pandemic has done a lot of damage and not playing Floorball was in the ranking the minimum, but talking about sport, for us it was difficult.

Many teams are suffering the restart but there is a lot of desire to start again and try to return to life, the story of the green pass is unnecessary to put it in this article, there is and you have to show it until new directives, there are rules and they must be respected. 

As said in advance, let's meet the teams of the Italian Serie A:

Viking Roma:

The team still has the shield on its chest due to the cancellation of the previous championships. It is still a very strong and experienced team but they will have to be careful with those who have been waiting for two years to take back the Italian title.

SSV Diamante:

Eternal rivals of the Roman team when there is a match of theirs in the championship, it is our derby of Italy. Last year SSV DIAMANTE had already put together a great team to take the title from the Roman team. Physical strength, technique and great character are their main characteristics.


Last team to face a final before the pandemic. In a very intense match, they lost against the Roman team, the title of Italian champion in a beautiful final. A team made up of many great players who will surely have something to say and don't want to be spectators.


Before everything stopped we described this team as the mystery of the championship because it makes of constancy its merit.  Always in line with the results, always in line with the game, a team from which you don't know what to expect as when they won against the current Italian champions.

Milan Molotov:

An experienced team lately always in the play-offs that plays with great intensity and is composed of experienced players.  In recent years something has always been missing to be able to repeat that great season that brought the scudetto under the cathedral of Milan. We are sure that they will have a great team to play for until the end.

Spartak Milan:

Their group is solid, they are always there, they trust each other and cover for each other; this is the strength of a team that always express their opinion on the field.  Valuable players make up this team and help the youngsters to integrate. We expect that they too will aim for the play-offs this year.

UHC Wild Boars Varese:

They too are an ever-present team with its game and its team of experienced and young players, a winning mix that has always given excellent results. The restart will be hard for everyone, so they will try to get into the play-off places, which would be a very good result.

Sesto San Giovanni Geas:

At its debut in this championship, the third Lombard team certainly wants to have its say. Full of young players, it aims to have a championship experience.  We have appreciated their youth sector in the Italian cups under and their promising young players we have seen in other teams. But now it's time to stand on their own two feet and grow with their own team.

Black Lions:

A renewed team in many parts of the field. Some of the seniors left and made way for the young players who were pushing hard.  As every year the Black Lions will field a team of great young character that will be able to cope with any difficulty. As always winning or losing is not the priority for this team, fighting with character is.

These are the 9 teams that will play in the next Italian floorball championship.

We wish them a full year of sports, respect for the rules and enjoy their return to life. Good luck!

Francesca BELLI