We need calm

There had been calls for more time for the restart because due to Covid we were all complaining about problems with the facilities and their availability.

Unfortunately in Italy it doesn't work like in other countries where floorball is recognised and is also professional. 

No, in Italy the facilities are badly managed, those who have them keep them and if you need a space you have to beg and overpay.

That's why it was decided, at the first meeting of the year, where all the clubs were present, to close the enrolments on 30 September and consequently have a possible delayed restart, to give the clubs time to hear from their managers of the sports spaces and to try to restart Italian floorball.

The major national championship will be presented very soon, but the clubs already know where and when they will play because they have already been notified by email, and then will come the championships of the small national field and the Italian Under 19 and Women's championships. 

Then from November we will work with the regional delegates on the championships for children. A big thank you to the new Competition Manager.

A lot of waiting, but in the middle a lot of work and a lot of practice to be done and fixed, since the beginning of the year we have evolved and Floorballmania is witness to this, the new App, an innovation necessary to keep up with the times. 

The referee course, together with the course for teachers and school managers as part of the school championship project, in Rome on 16/17 October, a new courses and training office that works very well, and courses have already been scheduled for the coming months.

The new secretary is born and takes shape reinforcing itself with two valid elements, the new Tesseramenti office is doing a great job. 

The Italian Under 19 men's national team in Brno had a great experience and was followed a lot from home.

The Italian National Under 19 Women's team in Saku finished 3rd in the standings in the group by beating Estonia and making great matches that have excited the Italians writing a piece of history of Italian Floorball.

The Senior National Team Men returned to victory by beating Austria with a great performance that generates positive feelings.  

The National Women's team won the tournament of Lignano Sabbiadoro against France showing to have important numbers and in a month will participate in the finals of the World Championships in Sweden.

The institutional relations that go on for the biggest battle to be won.

I'll stop here and apologise if I've forgotten anything, but this was just to say thank you to those who silently work constantly so that we can all return to play safely and continue to be happy, even if this means starting a few weeks late.

Appointment for the opening of the games on 23 October 2021, the first day of the Italian floorball championship.

Floorballmania thanks you and looks forward to making its first article... With some surprises.

Francesca Belli