Italian Cup 2021 - F.I.U.F.

Here we are, Italy is there. Saturday 1 May and Sunday 2 May in Rome, at the Green Arena Sport the first leg of the Italian Cup 2021, the return leg will be played on 15 and 16 May in Bolzano.

The teams interested in the game phase are Black Lions, Viking Roma, SSV Diamante Bolzano, FC Milano Molotov.

Black Lions, the youngest of the Clubs born in 2015, brings its young athletes from its own nursery to the fore of this Italian Cup. The determination of the Black Lions is known to all, it will be nice to see the young players on the field.

Viking Roma, the team that still has the 2019-2020 championship on their chest, which then due to the pandemic was unable to defend. This will be the year of consecration, in this Coppa Italia he will play, as always, to impress his game.

SSV Diamante Bolzano, in 2020 the team had built the foundations to win the championship or to try to snatch the Scudetto from the Roman team. They too, from the latest news, will go down with a few more young people, to test their aptitude for the big field.

FC Milano Molotov, former Italian champion team, had a decline in the championship where Viking Roma has imposed itself, but it is still a formidable team, especially in this Italian Cup, where it seems to have strengthened a lot. His story speaks of a team that never gives up, we will see some good ones.

It will be the moment of the restart, the moment of awakening for the Italian floorball. Very strict protocols will be applied, put in place by the Italian Unihockey Floorball federation, we wanted to start again in the utmost tranquility, all the athletes on the field will be checked and must have taken the negativity test at Covid 19.

Senior Italian Cup 2021 One way (Rome)

Graphics by FloorballItalia

Senior Italian Cup 2021 Return (Bolzano)

Graphics by FloorballItalia