Floorballmaniatv Melvin STRID, goalkeeper Fagerhult Habo IB

We remain in Sweden and still in the youth sector, with great speed and personality, it does not fear anything or anyone. With a very good position, he is cold-blooded, very instinctive and fast, excellent in closing in extremis. 

Milita in the team of the Fagerhult Habo IB, with his parades bar the door to the attackers, we are talking about the young Melvid STRID. 

Foto concesse Melvid STRID

1) Hi Melvin and thank you for accepting our interview. Meanwhile how are you after this quarantine? 

1.Hi, thank you for this opportunity! 
I’m well, my family and myself haven’t been affected either by the virus or too much by quarantine. 
2) introduce yourself to our readers, who are you and what do you do in life besides playing floorball? 

2Like  you mentioned my name is Melvin strid and I’m with Fagerhult Habo IB. 
I’m 15 years old (born 05).  In Sweden right now we are on summer break for 10 weeks, so I don’t have any school stuff to do and I just practice floorball (summer training like running and workout) once a week so my time mostly goes to friends and family. Lately I’ve also been studying for driver license for moped. 

3) When was your passion for floorball born? When do you decide to become a goalkeeper? Can you tell us about your first day of floorball? Who made you discover this sport? 

3 I started to play floorball when I was five years old. I have always been playing goalkeeper a bit but at early age I was playing outside of the net too. The latest five or four years I been goalkeeper on full time.  I don’t really remember the first day of floorball but I know I didn’t want to go at first but when I came to the training I thought it was really fun and I didn’t want to do anything else. It was my dad who helped me find floorball.

4) How did the sports season go with your team, until the interruption for the pandemic? 

4, I think it went really good. It started with me playing u16 qualification championship games with the 03 team. We didn’t end up win but we had really fun and I learned a lot from it. Fagerhult Habo IB, my home team, won the series. We happened to win the whole series with two games left wich also ended up being our last game of the season because of Coronavirus. 

Foto concesse Melvid STRID

5) Can you tell us the role of the goalkeeper? What must an athlete have as a characteristic to become a goalkeeper? 

5 as a goalkeeper you obviously need to be available to stop the other team from scoring but you also have a role to coach and help your team. I don’t really think  need to have any special talent when you start, it is all about how much time you want to spend on floorball. 

6) Each player has his own myth to imitate and follow, who for you the goalkeeper Myth to follow? 

6 my favorite goalies, that I look up to, are Viktor Klintsten and Aki Karjalainen.

7) What goals does your club team have for next season? And what are your goals? 

7 we haven’t set up any goals yet because we haven’t been able to sit down and talk with  the whole team. However I believe our obvious goal is to be on the top of the league and maybe also be #1. 

8) do you think about the national team? Would you like to start? Have you ever participated in camps organized by the national team? 

8 of course I have thought about the national team, I would love to play for Sweden and it’s my personal goal. But I think I’m too young for national team right now. I haven’t been on any national camp, but I was planned to attend selected player camp (qualification camp for national league) this summer unfortunately it was postponed due to Coronavirus.

Foto concesse Melvid STRID

9) create your ideal line of play, including you as a goalkeeper, with the strongest players you know.

9. Me in the goal,  Oliver Calebsson and Kasper Hedlund as defenders Oscar Berggren as center, and as forwards kim ganevik and Isac holmer.

10) Let's play a game. 30 seconds after the end of the game on 2-2, the referee conceded a penalty to the opponents. What do you think in your head as the attacker approaches the door? 

10. My tip on penaltys is that always stay calmn and don’t stress up. You should always wait out your opponent, that will make him stressed. You can also always think of what your strength is and what you can do to kind of force them to get your advantage, like if they come from right slide out with your left foot. That will probably make him or her go to right and then you controlled their penalty. That is what I always try to do. So try to stay calmn and make them to do what you want.

Foto concesse Melvid STRID

Thanks a lot Melvin it was a real pleasure to interview you.