At Floorballmaniatv, Lukas BAUER.

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Floorballmaniatv continues its journey among the champions, those who make people talk about them, those who have become examples to follow, myths to reach. We are in the Czech Republic and we are in the MB Floorball club, we bring you to know an athlete, who in his role is one of the best in the world. 

Great physical prowess, she makes the position between the posts and the speed when moving her strong, instinctive charismatic point, seeing her in front is a problem for everyone, 192 cm in height, we are talking about one of the best goalkeepers in the world in circulation, Lukas BAUER.

 1) Hi Lukas and thank you for accepting our interview. Meanwhile how are you after this quarantine period? I hope everything is OK. 

1) Hello Dario, thanks for invitation.
Everything is good, actually I’m on holiday somewhere around the border between Slovakia and Hungary. I am trying to rest little bit a to regenerate before the next season. We are training already 4 months so it’s needed!!

2) introduce yourself to our readers, who are you and what do you do in life besides being a great floorball goalie? 

2) I’m floorball goalie almost 20 years so it’s clear that’s whole my life. Beside it I’m working in Czech floorball federation so I have floorball 24/7 😃

3) When was your passion for floorball born? Have you always played on goal? Can you tell us when you decided to become a goalkeeper? What characteristics should a goalkeeper have? 

I became a floorballer almost 20 years ago and if I am right I played in goal from second training. Everytimes I looked for goalies in sports in general, football, hockey or floorball, doesn’t matter. I tried it and now it’s my life. And which characteristics should a goalkeeper have? Tough question, I think it depends. Someone can be smaller, but faster. I am bigger than others and it’s built my style. Important is that someone is “on fire” and enjoy our sport, that’s only one what matters.

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4) You play in the MB Floorball Club, how was your season this year? Where do you think the team went well and where do you think we need to improve? 

4) Last season was really good! We lost just 4 points in regular season and won first two quarterfinals. Due to coronavirus unfortunatelly we couldn’t fight for out second title and that’s what I am really sad and disappointed. But now we have to look forward and concentrate on next season. We have strong and friendly team full of experiences. In the season we have to improve our work around the goal and then I hope we will be successfull.

5) Have you started training again? How many workouts and how many hours of training does Lukas? What would you say to a mom who is undecided about her son's sport, to make him do Floorball? 

5) Yes, of course! We had just one and half week pause due to coronavirus and then we started train by the individual plans. Now it’s already four months. No big pauses is allowed. 😃 second question is quite easy. We are one big family, almost everyone knows everyone so there is friendly air and everyone can help you. It’s quite cheap sport and you can play everywhere. And of course there is no corruption and so on.

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6) Each player has his own myth to imitate and follow, for you Lukas who are a great Goalkeeper, who was your idol to follow? 30 seconds from the end on 2-2 your team suffers a penalty, what does Lukas think when the attacker starts with the ball? 

6) Since I was young and went to look on the biggest stars on Czech open, my idols were finnish goalie Henri Toivoniemi and czech goalie Tomas Kafka. I tried to copy some technics from them.

This situation is for sure unpleasant, but I am still concentrate and try to help the team win. This is my only one idea.

7) the Czech Republic is always there in the World Cup, the final for this team is missing but it deserves a lot, what feelings do you have for the next WFC? 

7) After some problems between players and trainer we have quite young team now. It will be really tough mission and we know it. But still we have big expectations and dreams. Who knows, maybe we surprise everyone. 😊

8) You have been in the national team for many years, you started with under 19, how has the way you play and train changed in the Czech Republic in the last 10 years? 

8) Situation has evolved quite lot and fast. After mens WFC 2008 in Prague we had big boom and many new kids started to play floorball. Now we have more “proffesional” teams, not by money to players, but in background. We have much more better conditions, better staff and everything around. But it’s still just a hobby. I hope we will be professionals one day.

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9) Who are the strongest players you have played against? If you could choose 3 who would you bring to your club team? 

9) Uff, really tough question! I played against many players and it’s impossible to choose only three. Much more deserves to be here, but if I had to say someone... Kim Nilsson - strong, big and fast guy with unbeliveable shot, Manuel Maurer - fucking fast guy with a captious shot and from Finland Tatu Vaanaanen, strong defender with perfect overview. But there is many perfect players.

10) let's play a game. Make a line of play with you as a goalkeeper by entering the 5 players that you feel strongest. 

10) If I said players from another countries, there are really good and they should be in my line-up. But now I have to say that we have also fantastic players in our team - Mlada Boleslav. And there is my line-up, doesn’t matter who will be there from the team, they are my teammates and friends! 😊

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11) thanks Lukas Floorballmaniatv wishes you a lot of luck. We hope to see you at the next world championship finals.

11) Thank you for the interview, it was really nice and pleasant to talk with you. I wish you many satisfied readers and also enjoy our potencial meeting in Helsinki. Thanks one more time and hope see you soon! 😊