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Foto Stefan Flojt
Stefan Today floorballmaniatv takes you to Sweden and brings you to know a character who makes his passion a life mission. 

we are in Sweden and he spends his time training and training young goalkeepers. He is an expert in the sector, they say he is a meticulous person, attentive to all the facets of this role. 

We are talking about Stefan Flojt. 

1) hello Stefan, meanwhile how are you and how are you experiencing this pandemic period? 

Hi, thank you for asking I’m fine due to this situation. I have paused my goalietraining for a while, but now I just started the new season, so to say.

2) introduce our readers who you are and what you do in life as well as prepare young goalkeepers? Can you tell us a bit about your career? 

Well I’m borne and raised on Åland a small Island between Finland and Sweden. Since I was 12 I have played floorball as a goalie, and that lead me to highest division in Finland and when I moved to Sweden for university studies I started to play in the highest league in Sweden. 

Working as a teacher today, combining teaching with my knowledge about floorball gave me a natural way in to coaching goalies. 

Being a teacher in Stockholm, helping goalies and being with my family leaves just a little bit of time left to food, one of my other passions. There’s always more to say but I pause there.

3) What's in the role of the goalkeeper that fascinates you so much? 

I think being a goalkeeper gives you the opportunity to make a great different. I love to win games and be in the center of attention. Giving a great responsibility feels good. 

4) What do you think an athlete must have to succeed in the role of the goalkeeper? 

I think you should be mentally strong because of exposed position. Physical strength you need is core, legs and a good    cardio. You also need, as all players,  to have the social skills, adept to the group and if you want to be successful aim high and train hard, give the most you can for the sport.

 5) Which muscles does a goalkeeper have to train the most to succeed in this role? If you see 20 guys running and warming up, how do you recognize who can become a potential goalkeeper? 

Well most of the teams decides at approximately age 10-11 which persons who wants to be a goalie. I’ll think it’s more important that you have the motivation to be a goalie an then work with your physical skills. Therefore younger teams should have a schedule we’re everyone get the chance to try being a goalie.

Foto Stefan Flojt

6) what do you say to a goalkeeper before a penalty? What do you say after scoring goals? And what do you say after a big parade? 

Great questions. It depends of the goalie you have to know the person in front of you. Generally before a penalty you just convince the goalie that they can do it and remembering them of some great saves at practice. 

Direct after the opponents scored I think it’s better to not say so much, we analyze the whole game afterwards. Just be understanding and supportive in the moment. 

After a big parade or small parade we’re the goalie preformed as we have trained them it’s important to speak up and tell your goalie about that. Positive response is always good.

7) What is FUTURICA? How do your Camp take place? 

Futurica is my company since 2007. I’ll adapt my courses and camps depending to the different teams, ages and number of goalies. I heave big arrangements with 10-20 goalies, individual specialized one to one practices, different teams with 4-6 goalies that train almost every week, some online training with goalies from Germany and Czech Republic, also been abroad for example in Norway, Denmark and Rumania. Everything is possible and it’s great meeting new goalies wanting to develop their goaltending.

8) Have you ever trained a young goalkeeper who turned professional?

I’ll train all ages but mostly younger goalies. In some camps there have been goalies, both girls and boys,  that today are playing in the SSL. I’m also working with a senior goalie right now who aiming for the national team and hopefully his dream will be true.

Foto Stefan Flojt

9) What advice would you give to young people now starting their Goalkeeper career?

Have fun! Try to find some role model that you can observe and try to learn from. Positions and movements are essential and don’t give up. Feel free to follow me on Instagram (Flojt76) for some more inspiration and tips.

10) how does a goalkeeper always maintain maximum concentration? 

Also a great question. Be physical well prepared, sleep good before practice, games. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water before, during and after. Try to stand up when the ball is on the opponent’s side, that makes you more alert in the game.

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Thanks Stefan for taking the time, floorballmaniatv thanks you.