Happy Birthday Floorballmaniatv.

Today April 25 - 2020,  the first real Italian floorball Grand Gala is taking place. A great evening dedicated to our players, our teams, the Italian floorball,  our federation (FIUF), and, above all, to FloorballmaniaTv. A great night with refreshment and a big toast.

 This is how I wanted to start the Floorballmania article of April 25th. 

Unfortunately  I cannot.

 This is not how I wanted to celebrate Floorballmaniatv's birthday. We had prepared a great party, the first in the history of  Italian Floorball.

 A Grand Gala, inside a very beautiful Theater, sponsored by Lazio Region, in which prominent guests of Roman politicians who care for sport,  guests of  Italian and international floorball, the federation  main board, representatives of  CONI had been invited together with other sports federations.

During the evening, the program included video calls with the greatest players in the world, who would only come to say hello to all our athletes and wish Happy Birthday to Floorballmaniatv. 

The music: Matteo SICA, winner of the Radio Deejay prize, who would have made us know a little of his repertoire with his Band. He and his boys showed great professionalism, great touch and humbleness by accepting our invitation. 

Moreover,  Rapper of Stecca:  Two Italian Rappers, one of which is an actual Floorball player on the would have performed for us.

 A presenter next to me who had immediately dropped into the role, Sara PICIN, would have been a surprise for everyone. Over 60 prizes would have been awarded, including players, coaches and managers.

 Awards for the FIUF and for the authorities of CONI and sports federations. All in one evening, in one theater, to wish and be together with Floorballmaniatv. 

A project born a year ago and for many already destined to fail. 

Many told me "it will be like other sites and like other pages, it will disappear in a few months" I didn't want to give reasons to these people, to these statements and therefore we got to work and piece by piece we got where none of you could imagine. 

Up to now we have counted  40,800 views on the Website, over 2000 plays on Web Radio, one season on TV, the broadcaster Ernica TV, with live videos from the Crazy Bull restaurant in Bracciano, Rome. 

We brought the voice of the Italian national team under 19 and FIUF, on the FM frequencies to Centro Mare Radio. 

Over 270 articles, 100 players interviewed both Italians and foreigners. We have brought to your attention players like Galante CALSTROM, Rasmus ESTROM, Anna WIJK, Seraina ULBER, MARTIN Ostolm, jhon HEDLUND, Andis BLINDS and many others.

We got to know better managers and small companies, local and national coaches, Giorgio BATTAINI, Vito ADRAGNA, Marco CONCLI and Mikael DE ANNA.

We interviewed the President of FIUF Giorgio RAMBALDI, the Secretary General Jorgen OLSHOV, the federal councilors Sandro DI TOMASSI, Gianfranco CONCLI.

 But we did not stop here and we broadcasted the final L'Aquila-Milan and L'Aquila - Viking Roma championship on live web radio, with comments in Italian and English made by our guests of the moment, Marco PICCOLI and Manolo SALVAGNO. 

During the evening, we would have  presented to you our new projects for 2021. 

A Web Radio, one of our initiatives wants to bring the games to web radio. The project is called "Speaker of your favorite team". We are working on it and there are already candidates.

 A magazine . This is my obsession, the internet is fine, but the paper brings the scent of the news, the pleasure  of reading in front of a coffee. The idea is a bimonthly project like a sports newsletter dedicated to us.

 These are the two initiatives we are working on for the next season. With hard work, Floorballmaniatv has become an important voice of the Italian floorball, abroad we are recognized and appreciated.

Floorball Today, a global floorball landmark, on his Facebook page, accepts and shares our articles and this is a fact.

We have given voice to realities unknown to you, such as India, Nepal, Colombia, the state of Ecuador, Thailand, interviewing coaches who, in absolute poverty, teach floorball to hundreds of boys and girls.

In this particular period, we have increased the number of  interviews and radio interventions just to be closer to you.

You might like floorballmaniatv or not, I am aware of it, but I will continue to do what I believe in, always being thankful to family, who is always supporting my ideas.

We received constructive criticism, which helped us to improve. We will always remain a free voice, we will never say no to collaborations with other companies that want to talk about floorball.

The first collaboration we have made is the one with the historical website Floorball Italia, by Tiberio CALAMAI, which I also thank for the latest issue of his newspaper, in which he gave space to Floorballmaniatv.

We also collaborate with FIUF communication, which remains the institutional one.

 In the articles, dedicated to our Italian championship, we have always made a sports analysis by inviting you, through the link, to deepen the themes and check the scores on the institutional website F.I.U.F.

 As well as the presentation video of the Italian Campo Grande championship, made in collaboration with FIUF.

 We did interviews at the Women's Under 19 World Cup qualifications.

 For these collaborations and for the love of our sport we will always be ready to talk and compare ourselves, but we will always remain a free voice of the Italian floorball.

We will always remain Floorballmaniatv, a web space and not only that,  free and accessible to all, available to those who want to tell the story of their Floorball life, whether it is the Italian champion or simply the latest born with only the U9 team.

 Here's who we are, that's what the Floorballmaniatv project means to me. My last thought goes to this particular moment and to the victims of this pandemic.

 I have never known such a difficult moment in 46 years, lived daily even with my work, which in 27 years of service had never put me in front of such a bad thing. Too many deads and too many people in difficulty, to whom we have tried in our small way to give our help.

 My wish to all of you is to return to normal soon. I would like to start playing again, I would like to see you all again, I would like to shake your hands and maybe tell you how it would have been, our evening of April 25th.

Thank you all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLOORBALLMANIATV, see you at the next Grand Gala.