Thanks Megafloorball

He was born in silence and silently has carved out an important space on the worldwide Floorball scene. Sponsor many players around the world, giving many of them the opportunity to make themselves known and to dress their brand.

 But not only young players, because even some established champions have brought and shown their liking. We are talking about a brand that has now become a reality, we are talking about Megafloorball.

 We reached the top of the company to which we asked to tell us their story.

 1) Hi Megafloorball, our editor is happy to ask you some questions, to get to know you better.

 Thanks to you Floorballmaniatv, always attentive to the whole world of floorball.

 2) There are well established brands in Floorball, don't you think it would have been a difficult challenge? What is your relationship with other brands?

 The challenge was difficult because many retailers do what we do, as regards the equipment of the players on the field we only sell established brands, such as Unihoc, Oxdog and Fat Pipe. We have an excellent relationship with them.

 3) In which sector are you most successful? I give an example, goalkeepers or players on the field?

 MegaFloorball is very active in the French leagues, to make ourselves known we make stands in the games and we give prizes to the MVPs. For now, we are having more success with field players.

 4) Where is your business located? Do you already have a production site? Are you satisfied with the way you are proceeding?

 Our company is in Rouen, Normandy - France. Currently, we have a space to store all our material and our website allows us to sell the products. It is safe and we are very happy with the space we have conquered.

 5) When will we see a line, goalkeeper player, totally designed and produced by Megafloorball? As for sportswear, thought is underway to develop it in MegaFloorball.

 Each has its own specialties and the materials have to be elaborated well. for this reason, we have developed specific equipment that we sell. The process is relatively long. Floorball is still a young discipline, especially in France.

 6) The idea of ​​sponsoring the clubs and their most important players is in my opinion a winning idea, will you continue like this or are there other ideas at stake?

 Have you ever thought of sponsoring the national team? Sponsoring players has been crucial for this reason, we want to continue supporting floorball development with our sponsorship policy for promising young players across Europe.

 We are in great demand, the choice becomes increasingly selective. After this first phase of the megaFloorball start-up, we are open to partnerships, in particular with national teams. We are open to discussion, if the federations so wish they can contact us to develop a sponsorship program together. 

 7) In Italy, Megafloorball is starting to be a followed brand, will events take place in Italy? Or are you thinking about it? We are thinking about it. But sporting events are postponed for now, due to the health crisis.

 When everything resolves, we will be available. We warmly thank Italy, its players and the companies with which we have collaborated, from the beginning. Thanks Italy!

 8) Given the resumption of the championships in September, how will Megafloorball restart?

 We are patiently waiting for a return to normal for the season. When this virus disappears from ours it will be a different way of living and facing things. The most important thing is to have good health and put an end to this pandemic. As for the next season, we will sell the equipment by reservation to continue our development.

 9) Can you buy it directly from you? How do we do it? How long does it take? All European customers can buy on our website. We will also soon have the Salming brand on sale, we are on track.

 The process is only a little longer for this type of material. In fact, brand owners are very attentive to their equipment and demand perfection.

 10) Thanks Megafloorball, we are happy to have met you, because we love challenges and those who have the courage to do them, a greeting from Floorballmaniatv.

 The challenge for MegaFloorball is difficult, but for this sport for the players who are on the field and who offer us beautiful shows every time, we have a real passion and we will continue to do our best for this.