Good Luck Vincent MANZARDO

We continue our journey in paying homage to the Italian players who leave our league to experience abroad, also and above all dictated by personal needs.

 After Elia MULLER, another Italian SSV Diamante player leaves Italy, this time destination Sweden, the home of the floorball. 

Dynamic player, with a large 192 cm tall physique, excellent playing technique, defender of great workmanship, difficult to jump, with a sense of position and tactically orderly.

 Captain of the Bolzanina U19 team, this year he was giving himself a crackling ending, with Viking Roma and Algund a thrilling scudetto rush.

 Italian with a kind face, but he has never pulled back from the contrasts, born in 2001, he has already made his debut with the senior national team in 2019 at the Alps Adria Cup competition and in 2020 at the WFCQ.

 We are talking about Vincent MANZARDO.

 1) Hi Vincent, thank you for accepting our interview. Who are you and what do you do in life, as well as playing floorball?

 1. Hi Dario and hello to all those of Floorballmaniatv, thank you for contacting me, it's an honor! I am a student at the scientific high school here in Bolzano and in my spare time I always try to be outdoors as much as possible

 2) When do you discover the game of floorball? How did you know about it? Which team do you start playing with?

 2. I got to know the floorball thanks to Alessandro Russo. We were acquaintances already as children as his father is very close to a relative of mine.

 In November 2014 I practiced road cycling and in the winter break I didn't want to stop, and so I asked Alessandro about this floorball. I tried it and immediately fell in love with it.

 I started immediately in the SSV Diamante, obviously from the minor categories and then slowly went up. For this I will always be grateful to Alessandro, today a great friend of mine.

 3) You are a reliable Defender, SSV Diamante, a demanding team, entrusting you with the keys of defense, how do you explain your growth? have you always been a defender?

 3. The SSV is a wonderful team and I will be forever grateful to our player / coach Michael Volgger, who immediately trusted me.

 Besides, it was he who described me as defender, and from there I never changed. Last season in u19 I played from the center, and I must say that I had a good time.

 4) What does SSV Diamante mean to you? How much will you miss your companions?

 4. As mentioned before, the SSV is really a great group. We alternate serious moments with moments of leisure, and every training session or trip is like taking a trip with friends. I will really miss all this and I don't know if I'm still ready.

 5) This year there was a great season ahead, Playoff with the senior and a possible Scudetto under 19, how do you think it would end? What would have been the Final of the Italian Championship in your opinion?

 5. This season was really going to be framed. I'm not very good at making predictions, but from how the games went the final I would have expected most is SSV Diamante vs Viking Roma. Also I would have been very curious about the Algund team-promise.

 U19, on the other hand, was another beautiful season and I was already looking forward to playing the "final" in June.

 6) How do you see the youth of your under 19? Do you think anyone is ready to start?

 6. The U19 of this year hit me. In September 2019 Elia Müller and I decided to follow this team (me as captain, he as coach) and since the first training sessions we noticed great desire in the boys (many of them 15/16 years old!). The growth margin is obviously still very large, but if they continue like this I am sure they will be the future of SSV.

 7) Which is the strongest player you played with? Obviously even more than one. Who would you like to play with instead? Who are the people you most esteem in the world of Italian floorball?

 7. I was lucky enough to play with really many players and to define the strongest I see it hard. Probably the ones that impressed me most are Alex Richard, Matthieu Unternährer and Andrea Menon.

 The player I would like to play online with would be Davide Brambilla, a center known here in Italy, my teammate in the national team but never on the line.

The Italian floorball is full of people I respect, but most of all I respect those who taught me the most and who always went out of their way to make me happy; or Michael Vollger, Herbert Gius, Marco Concli, Gianfranco Concli and Hannes Unterhofer, Elia Muller and Giorgio Picin who were with me in the national team.

  Finally, I also respect Dario Falchi for all the work he does with Floorballmaniatv and for the position he manages to give on the pitch.

 8) Next season you will be in Sweden, the home of Floorball, what do you expect from their league? Have you already made contact with any local Floorball companies? In which league will you possibly play?

8. I will play in Malmö, a city in southern Sweden. I have already contacted the teams and I have also already had some answers, the dream obviously is to play in the Alvenskanliga (Swedish Serie B) with the first team of the Malmö fbc, but I know perfectly well that I will have to do my best to get there, I will do my best .

 9) Which number will you ask to the eventual society in which you will land? What do you think it will be like to play with the cheering crowd?

9. The first number I will ask will be 15, which I am very attached to. If it is not free I will ask for 7.

 The floorball there is a whole other world than the Italian one, there is much more competition and much more public. Just the thought of playing in front of a large audience makes me goosebumps.

 10) Will Vincent MANZARDO return to play in Italy? Or should we read you in the Swedish newspapers?

 10. I don't know what the future holds, but going back to playing in Italy is certainly on my list of things to do.

 Floorballmania thanks you for the time you have dedicated to us and wishes you a lot of luck for your new experience.

 Thank you very much Floorballmaniatv for the good luck wishes.

 And thanks also for all the work you have done, in this year you have grown a lot and brought more and more news, both from the Italian and the international floorball, for this being an interview is an honor for me.