Floorballmaniatv youth meets Wilma HOLM Finnish goalkeeper

Foto Sanna Kinnunen

The round the world of Floorballmaniatv continues, to discover young Floorball talents, this time we are in Finland and we will introduce you to a young athlete, goalkeeper of Rauman SalBa's team.

 Number 19, goalkeeper class 2006 promising in his role, explosive, fast, he does not fear the exits, and a great position. We are talking about Wilma Holm.

 1) Hi Wilma, thanks from Floorballmaniatv, for accepting our interview. Introduce yourself to our readers, who is Wilma Holm and what does she do in life besides playing Floorball? 

1) Hi, thanks for the interview! I'm so excited! I am a 2006 born girl from Finland. I am currently going to 8th grade, adn even though I live in Finland, I study in a swedish-speaking school. My mother tongue is Swedish. I would say I'm a pretty good student and most of my time besides training goes to studies. I also love to draw and play instruments, such as guitar and marimba. I'm also paddling and breakdancing, they are pretty good training variants for goalies!

2) you are born in 2006, you are a very promising goalkeeper, can you tell us why you chose floorball as a sport? Why did you choose the role of the goalkeeper?

2) Well, it all started in preschool, if I remember right. One of the nurses played floorball and introduced the sport to us kids and soon started a floorball club at school. When I was in 1st grade I went to a real club for the first time, and I loved the sport! You could say it was love at first sight. I actually started off as a field player, I played 5 years as a defender. I'm pretty embarrased to admit, but the coaches once wanted everyone to try how it was to be a goalie, but I didn't want to try because the gear smelled so bad... 😅 It's pretty funny how I am now in love with that smell! Anyways, 3 years ago, I decided to try goalkeeping because I didn't get much time on the field as a field-player and I didn't enjoy it anymore. Also my dad is a previous football-goalie, so I kind of got the last push from him. I tried it, and it felt like I had been reborn. Ever since that I have played as a goalkeeper and I love it, even though it is a very hard position mentally and physically. It keeps challenging me, but I love challenges!

Foto Sanna Kinnunen

 3) Do you play in Rauman SalBa's team, where exactly is he in Finland? In which championship do you participate? How was the last season?

3) Yes I play in Rauman SalBa, and well, the team comes from Rauma. Rauma is located in west-Finland, a little bit above Turku. We are currently trying to get to the Finnish Championship league. We played the last season in the elite-series, and I think the season was pretty ok even though we were last. We all gave our best, and I could not be any prouder of my teammates :)  Besides my own team (06-05 girls) I actually played in the 04 boys, 06 boys, 07 boys, A-girls (02-03) and the women's 2 team who played in the division 4. Last week I also participated in the women's training. The team plays in division 1.
 4) Who is the goalkeeper you are inspired by? Your Idol? And why?

4) The goalkeepers who inspire me are Tiltu Siltanen, Noora Räty, Lara Heini and of course Aki Karjalainen. All of them are very good, and the three first of them inspire me a lot since they all are women and still on the top. I think they show people that women can be as good as men when it comes to floorball.

I really admire Aki Karjalainen's style to play, the style is flexible and suits for smaller goalies.

One of my idols who is not a goalie is the boxer Eva Wahlström. I admire her sportsman-like behaviour and how she never gives up. She is kind of a role model to me, even if she doesn't play floorball (or any ball sports in general).

 5) Frequent in Finland Goalkeeper Camp? If the answer is yes, which Camp do you attend? How many times do you train per week? 

5) Nope, but I love to go to all kind of camps like World Talent Cup, The Boss salibandyleiri and so on. Now during summer I actually train even more often than during the season. I stray to train about twice a day. I have trainings with the team about 4 times per week, and the rest of the time I train alone. During season I often train with the team 3 times per week, and play on the weekends. The other 2 days I do something calm, like go on a walk or go swimming.

Foto Sanna Kinnunen

6) we have seen some of your videos, you are a very quick and instinctive goalkeeper, what do you think when you enter the field and you lower your helmet? 

6) Well, I think about the opponent and go through the game and different situations in my mind. If it is a very important match, then I often go through a motivational speech to my self in my mind. It's mostly like "Okay Wilma. Calm down. You can do this. You will do great." As a last action before the game starts, I do a short jumping serie in front of the goal. It really boosts my confidence and wakes me up, and most importantly, it boosts up the adrenaline in my body.

7) last question. In a game your team is on 2-2 and they give a penalty against thirty seconds from the end. What does Wilma think, looking at the opponent she is preparing to beat? 

7) I'm very nervous. I do not enjoy penalties at all... but yea, I have these few words that circle in my mind right before the penalty: "Follow the ball. Follow the ball. Follow the ball to the very end." They kind of boost up my confidence in these situations.

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Thank you very much little Champion, Floorballmaniatv wishes you a lot of luck and we hope one day to do a new interview. Thanks a lot and Go Wilma Holm.