Floorballmaniatv Alexander B. Selbo, goalkeeper in Norway

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Our tour continues and we are going to introduce you to another goalkeeper, with great explosiveness, instinct and position.

We are in the Nor92 Tiger Innebandy Klubb team, we are talking about Alexander B. Selbo number 88, extreme defender.

Hi Alexander thank you for accepting the Floorballmaniatv interview.

1) Introduce yourself to our readers, who are you and what do you do in life, as well as playing floorball?

1) I am half Korean/Norwegian guy, born in Norway. Will be 18 in July. Studying to become Automation engineer. In my free time I spend time with my girlfriend, exercise in the gym, love gaming and have recently started to play golf.

2) When do you discover floorball? And why do you decide to play it?

2) My dad played floorball, and I said yes when he asked me. I started to play with stick, but due to an injury on our goalie, I decided to try.

3) what was your first floorball team? When did you choose the goalkeeper role?

3) Have always played in Nor92 Tigers. I started as goalie when I was 11 years old.

📸 gtselbo

4) Have you been playing for a long time, can you tell us your biggest disappointment in floorball, and also your biggest emotion?

4) Started to play when I was 6. Biggest disappointment have been the last Gothia Cup tournaments. Biggest emotion was WTC in Uppsala last year when we achieved bronze against Swedish and Finnish opponents.

5) How long have you been playing in the Nor92 Tiger? Have you thought about trying in other foreign leagues?

5) Have always played in Nor 92 Tigers. For now I am focusing on our A team, but maybe some day  if the timing is right, I will try another foreign team somewhere ..

6) what would you say to a girl or boy to make him choose the floorball, in front of other more famous sports?

6) Just try to play, and you will understand what I’m talking about 👌🏼

7) After the coronavirus phase, are you recovering with training? How many times do you train per week? When will your championship resume?

7) During corona lockdown we had to keep in shape individually We have now been training 3 passes per week + 2 in the gym the last 3 weeks. The Norwegian series was able finish before close down, so new season starts after July.

📸 gtselbo

8) Let's play a game. Thirty seconds from the end of the game you are with your team on the result of 2-2, the referee from a penalty against. What do you think under the helmet when you see your opponent getting ready for the penalty shoot-out?

8) I breathe out and try to empty my head, be as relaxed as I can so I can be as fast and spontaneous as possible. During his way towards the goal, I am trying to affect his decisions.

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Thank you so much for your availability, floorballmaniatv was happy to interview you.

Thanks Floorballmaniatv.