Floorballmania is officially the first Italian newspaper on Floorball.

Hi, I'm Dario Falchi, many of you know me as the manager of my Black Lions, now also of the small Pirates. 

On  Floorballmaniatv I never wrote about myself and I will continue not to, but today allow me to tell you a little story.

 We are in Lazio and the thought goes to how to make sure that everyone, outside our borders and, why not, even within the borders, realizes that we exist that there is a movement, * a Sport that struggles but moves * .

 Surrounded by many volunteers, the floorball is brought up and down the Italian highways to play a game.

 Yes, whoever wins the championship and abroad, all beautiful  but something different was needed, something was needed that was recognized as ITALIAN even abroad.

 So I said to myself, why not let's talk about floorball in a blog, let's do it in the same way that people talk about it at the bar, an easy way they like.

Thus was born the night of April 25, 2019 Floorballmaniatv.

The first Floorballmania's article

 Our first article To someone I confided my idea of ​​making leaps and bounds, of making us talk abroad, of doing interviews with international guests, of making a radio, a TV program and why not a paper newspaper, the first real Italian floorball newspaper . 

* The first real journal of our discipline. *

 In response from this person and others I received sarcastic and mocking smiles, someone also said "will end soon as the others, in two months he dies".

 Today I really want to thank these people, because Floorballmaniatv, in addition to having accomplished all the aforementioned, thanks to their smiles, their jokes and their lack of support for the initiative, has become * the FIRST REAL ITALIAN JOURNALISTIC FLOORBALL HEAD. *

Floorballmania magazine was born on 1st July 2020.

 We will present it later in a live video streaming TV, where you will be invited to participate, where we will show you the news, starting from the Managing Director Gianluca MONTEBELLI, the Graphic Director Flavia ALIVERTI, the Creative Comics Stefano CROTTI, the editors of the newspaper who in addition to write from Italy, they will also write from the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Nepal, India, thanks to the relationships built over time.

Creative Comics by Stefano Crotti

 The ownership of the newspaper will not be mine, as many of you rightly might think, but it will be Emanuela BLANCHI, who will be the Editorial Director, my wife who has always supported me in this adventure and who deserves this role, because behind a good product, there are always those who work behind the scenes.

 Thanks to everyone, we will update you when it is time to present the product, which is currently already in production, given that the first issue, which you will also find in some newsstands, will be released at the end of October and will be dedicated to ...

 Ooops, I can't tell you all. Thanks a lot friends. Go Floorballmania Go