Galante CALSTROM a Floorballmaniatv

At this particular moment, for us, for Italy and for the rest of the world, floorballmaniatv continues its journey in with its interviews, always trying to give you new content, bringing you to know great characters.

Today we caught up with a friend of the editorial team, a great champion, probably one of the greatest in the world, Alexander Galante Calstrom.

1) Hi Galante and Thanks for giving us the interview.

1) Hello my friend, it's a pleasure for me, thanks to you.

2) How did you discover the Floorball? At what age did you start playing? In which team? Have you always been a field player?

2) My soccer team, in winter, had nothing to do and we started playing floorball for fun. Then since everyone liked floorball we decided to create a team, I was six years old and I started playing.

The first team I played in was "Skälby Sharks", and I've always been a field player, I've always been fascinated by the role of the attacker, I like to score goals.

3) Falun player, Swedish floorball icon, admired player all over the world, how does it feel to be all this?

3) Thanks for the great words you have dedicated to me, but I am very humble, personally I feel only Galante, a father with two children and a wife. Obviously I like when people say these things and a sign of recognition for the work done, for all the efforts made over the years, means that you have done something good.

When the children arrive on vacation and ask for my autograph, it is a great emotion for me, and in doing so they show that floorball is a great sport!

4) Falun is going to the nth championship, many points of detachment from the second ones, what do you think of the season of your team?

4) We had a great season this year. I am very happy with the team, we have never been so strong. But now I don't know what's going on, the virus crown stops everything!

5) The championship is still being played, although some games have been suspended for safety. One of these games is Falun - Pixbo, how are you experiencing this moment in Sweden?

5) But now I don't know, even in Sweden everything stops. I think the season is over for this year, I don't think it will start again. I hope for the team that he will still be awarded the title, because we have all had a great season.

6) We know that you are a friend, and a lover of our dear Italy, who is currently fighting a very hard battle against the coronavirus, do you want to say something to the Italian friends?

6) Yes, I am half Italian and I love Italy. I also have a home in Italy and many friends. I just want to say to the Italian friends, that it's a very bad virus, please stay all home.

But I'm sure everything will be fine, the virus crown is strong but Italy is stronger, be careful wash your hands often, respect the rules given and pray 🙏🏼 all together. A great and a strong hug of all Italians it.

Thanks for your availability and friendship, in Italy you have many admirers, they all follow you with a lot of passion.

Thanks for your friendship with floorballmaniatv, we hope to see you soon in Italy, maybe for another Pizza.