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Surfing here and there on the Internet always looking for something on the floorball, I came across something curious and, I could not help but remove my doubt.

We are in Scandinavia and here there is a group of people who go around his country, to make floorball known and they do it only because they want this sport to grow.

Their project or work team has a specific name, they are Idrottskonsulten Strandh. Let's find out who they are and what they do. Hello and thank you for accepting our interview.

1) Let's start by asking yourself, who are you and what do you do in life besides teaching floorball? What does this sport represent for you?

1) My name is Bengt and I am 47 years old from Sweden but moved too Norway for 13 years ago too coach a floorball team. I have played as an goalkeeper between 1991- 2008 soo from the lowest series too second highest serie in Sweden. Beside floorball I spend time with my family and friends. Floorball is a lifestyle soo I will say floorball is me and presents me for the one I am. the winning mentality and the will to achieve the goals set is everything.  Competition in every moment both on and off the track with the desire to be the best is probably a good explanation of who I am.

2) You are in Scandinavia, how come you think of doing floorball around here? Why do you think it can become an important sport here?

2) I will say that floorball is the most fastest growing sport in world. it is a sport that is easy to start with and everyone can participate.  Everyone from small children to old.  At the same time, it is a social sport.  There is room for everyone here.  If you want, you can. To develop the sport and give more people the opportunity to see how fun this sport is an important goal. It does not matter if you train / play to have fun or if you want to choose too be the next world star, then the opportunity should exist. It is the individual him / here self who sets the limit for where you want to be.

3) In a message that we exchanged, you kept clarifying, I quote your words "we don't do it for money but to make this sport grow". It's a beautiful thing, but why?

3) After working with sports as player and coaching ( Floorball and Icehockey ) for many years me and colleagues start talking about posting and pulling us back to let others take over.  In the conversation, we lom over to peata about the knowledge, joy, laughter and roars we have had through many years.  Then the thought arose that ci might give to aka all the knowledge and joy we have received.  My colleague (Anders Karinen) has worked with national teams in Sweden and Norway and we have both worked with everything from children and young people to elite teams in Sweden and Norway over many years and we have a lot to give to aka but to see the joy in practitioners and be  with developing tomorrow's star it's our payment

4) How many people does your group consist of? How do you manage to present our sport? Do you work with schools?

4) We are 2 It is me and Anders Karinen but also hired in some extra if we have bigger camps or some special assignments where we need to be many

5) In which cities have you been to present the floorball? Were they able to start championships?

5) The last year we have been helping alot in Stavanger ( Norway ) and city's around. This is the part of Norway that grows most. And here we cooperate with the local floorball federation and together I will say that we succeed in developing floorball. We also been working north of Sweden in alot city's, Denmark. But we also have helped in Hungary, Asia, USA by sending practices and other good educate material.

6) what exactly does Idrottskonsulten Strandh mean? Why this name?

6) Idrottskonsult is same as sport consulting and Sports consultant works with association development, association grants, local bookings and general sports and association issues.

7) What are your next appointments?

7) I hope that floorball can run as usual from August.  We have some projects such as goalkeeping training, leadership training with discussion forums, some. Floorball camp to develop practitioners and leaders, the plan is to run inspirational gatherings for young people but I also hope that we can build floorball and meet a lot of wonderful people new and old acquaintances.

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