At Floorballmaniatv Gracien Grave Lokamba, forward IBF Backadalen

Photo Gracien

Player who plays in the Swedish championship, with great speed and personality, he does not fear anything or anyone. 

Equipped with a very good control of the ball, excellent in the closings and precious during the construction phase. Born in 2003, with a height of 180 cm, we are talking about Gracien Grave Lokamba. 

1) Hi Gracien and thank you for accepting our interview. Meanwhile how are you after this quarantine? 

Hey it’s Good to be on a interveiw with Dario well i am Good in this quarantine it’s been kinda bored when the floorball just shutdown but i still go out and train myself with the ball and stick. 

2) introduce yourself to our readers, who are you and what do you do in life besides playing floorball? 

About my myself hey my name is Gracien i was born 2003 in  sweden living with my family well besides playing floorball i do study but now we have break i do hang out with friends sometimes. 

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3) When was your passion for floorball born? Can you tell us about your first day of floorball? Who made you discover this sport?

 My passion for floorball was born when i was like 10 years old i was playing fotball then but then floorball just took my passion by storm and now look where i am right now. I discover floorball by youtube i was looking at some floorball highlights and i was liking it and now i am playing the sport that i like. 

4) You play in the IBF Backadalen team, how has your season gone this year? Do you have any regrets of the past season? 

The season for us and IBF Backadalen has not been great we came last we had good team in our season but we never gave up we won couple of games but the season i have been great.

5) Can you tell us your role? Who do you like to be in line with on your team? And why? 

My role is foward it’s fun to be foward back then i was playing goalie i like to be in line with my Emil Hagman he came to us 2019 season and he is been great team mate in same line with me he is a sniper he never give up just keep moving forwards. 

Photo Gracien

6) Each player has his own myth to imitate and follow, for you Gracien who was your model to follow or who are you still following? 

I like Alexander Rudd he is a technical player he is big with a good backhand shot but I am following Hampus Ahrèn he is a center who is running kinda fast good ball technique.

7) What goals does your club team have for next season? And what are your goals? 

Our goals in the club is just to have fun and keep the players to still play for the team that is our goal. 

Photo Gracien

8) Who are the strongest players you have played against? If you could choose 3 who would you bring to your club team? 

The players I have played who is the strong and good is Adrian Söderberg, Tim Sandblom, and Victor Johansson those 3 players choose I to bring to my club If that was possible but they are great players.

9) build your ideal line, with you inside, with all the players you think are stronger than your league. 

My ideal line would be in first line me in the forwards with Emil Hagman and in the center Tim Sandblom and at the back Adrian Söderberg with Tim Svan and the goalie Gustav Ringhagen. 

Photo Gracien

10) thank you Gracien, Floorballmaniatv wishes you a lot of luck, we will follow your and your team's championship. Thank you

I thank you Dario for this amazing interview thanks it’s been fun 🤝