At Floorballmaniatv, the best Referee Thomas Anderson

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Floorballmaniatv continues and always tries to give you the best, today we go back to talking about Referees and we do it with one of the best in the world, Thomas Anderson.

 Thomas Anderson referees together with Rickard Wissman, in the Swedish top flight championship as well as in World matches.

 They are considered a very prepared couple, one of the best couples in the world. Floorballmaniatv met Thomas and we exchanged two words. 

Hi Thomas and thank you for accepting our interview. 

1) Thomas you have great comunication with your partner Rickard Wissman, how important is the complicity between referees during an important game? How important is it to communicate during the game? 

it’s always important to communicate as a Referee. I communicate in able to show to the players That I am in the game for them, telling them That I am reading the game and aim not to below the whistle If I do not need to. 
For example - two players are running towards the corner and the ball. Then I want to be close in able to talk to the players so they know I’m there (they might not see me). I can say - ”easy by the boards” or something like that makes the players know I’m there and therefore maybe don’t push or hit. For this I manage to pro-actively eliminate a whistle and We Will have a more floating game. 😊

2-2bis ) Can you tell us what are the differences, in the preparation of the game, between an SSL and one of the World Cup? 

2 bis) Can you tell us your story in the floorball? When do you find out? When do you decide to become Arbiter? 

3) What do you think are the difficulties of a referee during a very physical match? Are you an Referee talking to players or do you distance yourself? Will something change next year in terms of regulation? 

We talk to the players in able to try to eliminate whistles. 
If players do not listen We start with a ”silent” comment to a player or/and team captain telling him/her to think and evaluate before going into situations. If this does not work We can also use the whistle (below hard and Long to make a point) body language and voice to make players, coaches and spectators understand That If they Will continue there Will be penalties and it’s not our choise.

4) I'll bring you a question. A player is left with the stick caught in the net of his goal, leaves it there and leaves and a new player enters the bench, how do you consider this action? 

 first try to talk to the player to returen to the stick. This is 2 minuts penalty If he leaves it there. If they still perform the substitution you have to penalize

5) How difficult is it to give a penalty 10 seconds from the end on the result of 3-3?

it shall not be difficult but of course you want to have a clear offence due to the nature of the game (time and score). 
If clear offence - then everybody knows and you Will be safe. 
If not a clear offence but still an offence you as Referee need to ”sell your decision” in a great way! Use your whistle, body language and voice to make clear to everyone that This was an offence needed of a penalty. If You as Referee Will not succeed with This, players, coaches and spectators Will give you a hard time...!

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 6) In Sweden the players respect the referees very much, in other parts of the world, where the floorball is less developed, a little less, what advice would you give to the referees couples to have a better attitude? 

for this every Referee need to understand and differentiate between you as a person and the role of a Referee. 
Players, coaches and spectators are focusing on the role of the Referee. 
The more experienced you get as an Referee you learn how ti balance and understand this and also use this to our advantage. Make players, coaches and spectators understand that We also are humans. We try our best! We make approx 600 decisions during a game and a few will be incorrect. When We make incorrect decisions, explain that you did not see any touch of the defender or what May have caused the mistake. Say that you will try another position in able to see better next time. 

This Will lead to understanding and it’s difficult to complain on a referee that have already explained Why and How he can improve for next time.

7) What is the most difficult match that has happened to you to arbitrate? And why? Was there ever in your career once you realized you were wrong but it was too late to change your mind now? What do you do in that case?

it’s always difficult when I can not communicate with players. It could be due to language difficulties or a full stadium making a lot of noise. 

Here We as referees in these (and other cases) have to use other means of communicating - body language, gestures and whistle. 

If You make a mistake during a game it’s good If You can correct this during the game. If You find out after the game - contact your federation and discuss on How to handle the situation.

 8) What is your greatest floorball satisfaction? And what is your biggest disappointment, the one where you thought, I could have done better? 

 the best thing for me is that I love Floorball and I love beeing a Referee!!
This combination have given me the opportunity to ref in SSL for many years and as an IFF Referee have travel the World. This have given me so many memories and friends and for this I am super thankful!! 🙏🏻
As a Referee from Sweden We can not ref any games where Sweden is playing. Since 1996 when World Floorball Championship started, Sweden have played every final which means swedish refs are not an option. But if or when Sweden Will not play the final - We Will be ready! 😊👍🏻

Thanks Thomas for your kind reply to being interviewed by us. Good luck to your Arbitral couple and I hope to see you one day.