At Floorballmaniatv, Andis BLINDS creator of the Blindsaves brand

Floorballmaniatv continues its journey into the world of floorball and this time we are talking about Brand. 

One of the most famous especially in the role of the goalkeepers is Blindsaves, but how was this brand born, who designed it and why if others did not already exist? 

These are all questions we asked the founding father of the world's most famous goalkeeper brand, Andis BLINDS.

 Latvian and National Goalkeeper, born in 1983, Andis BLINDS is the first Latvian goalkeeper to make his SSL debut.

1)Hi Andis, how are you? Introduce yourself to our readers who want to get to know you better. 

1)Hello everybody, I am a former floorball goalie who has played in 6 World floorball championships with team Latvia and one season with team Mullsjo in SSL. Now my floorball life is BLINDSAVE. I continue to develop innovative and unique floorball goalie gear. I love my job! :)  

2) When do you discover floorball? Who do you start playing with? Have you always played on goal? 

It was in high school. I started to play together with my twin brother who is a forward. I have played also as a field player, but that was not my thing. Goalkeeping was, is and will be my passion. 

3) The first Latvian goalkeeper to debut beautiful SSL, do you remember your debut? what does Andis Blinds do today? 

That was a great time! However the debut started as a nightmare. The first two shots was two goals in my first game… It was really hard mentally. But then the rest of the game went really good and I really enjoyed that time. 

4) Let's talk about the Blindsaves Brand. The idea was born in 2012 and was born to train Latvian goalkeepers, but then Blindsavesmania explodes. Can you tell us how it went?

I don’t think that BLINDSAVE has exploded yet. But I believe we are on the right way. We really try to take care of goalkeepers by offering next level goalie equipment. 
Actually I started the brand because I got a quite big problems with my knees and I was not satisfied with the quality of knee pads what other brands offered.

 5) Today Blindsaves has become the most popular goalkeeping camp in the world, do you feel proud of this? How many did not believe in this project?

Yes, this is really the truth. We are proud that we are organising the biggest goalie camps in the world. Actually I was also the first who started to do that both in my country and globally. I always believed that it is a nice fit for the brand. 

 6) Do you take your Blindsaves Camp around the world, how do you organize your Camp? For example, if one in Italy would like to organize it, what should he do?

I have received many offers to organise the camps in different countries, but it’s not easy to manage everything abroad. Therefore if we meet a good partner who can take care of technical details, we can organise the camp in other countries as well, also Italy. I had a nice experience in France, Singapore, Russia, etc.

 7) Will the camp be online this year due to Coronavirus? How are you organizing yourself? How do you go about registering? 

This is still unclear. The situation is improving but we still need to get a permission from our government, therefore the final decision will be made on June 10.

8) Do you have any surprises for the new season? Can you tell us something?

Oh, we got a lot of surprises… BLINDSAVE will have a lot of new products. Like never before. New goalie suit, knee pads, a goalie mask and first time in company’s history - goalie shoes!

 9) How many people is the Blindsaves team made up of? Who are the people studying for goalkeeper material? 

We are 5 people working in BLINDSAVE. Basically I am the person who is studying everything for new materials and new ideas. 

10) Thanks Andis you are always very courteous, floorballmaniatv thanks you for the interview.

Dario, here you go. Thank you for an interview! ;)