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This time floorballmaniatv, lands in Finland and precisely in the SB Pro women's team, where he defended the goal of this team for the last season, a goalkeeper who in 2017 was elected the strongest in the world.

 We are talking about Tiltu SILTANEN born in 1989, Finland goalkeeper, who makes speed and goal position his strong point.

So first of all, I'm transferring from sb Pro to Malmö FBC(Sweden) for next season☺️

 1) hi Tiltu, thank you for accepting our interview. Introduce yourself to our readers, who are you and what do you do in life as well as playing Floorball?

1) hello, no worries and thanks for The interview. I'm Tiltu, 31 years old, currently living in Helsinki, Finland but moving to Malmö, Sweden in August. I'm working as physiotherapist, personal trainer and condition coach. Besides floorball and work I like to try out other sports and hangout with friends and chill out. ☺️

 2) When do you discover floorball? And why do you decide to play it? 

2) I started playing floorball when I was 12 years old. I got the spark for floorball from schools sports class

3) What was your first floorball team? Have you always played as Goalkeeper? Remember your first workout? Tell us.

3) My first team was in a small club called GamTe in Porvoo which later fusioned with other small local club and together they became PSS who is now playing in The Finnish A league. 

I was goalie for half a season and then a defender for The rest of that season but after that I went Back to goal. Unfortunately I can't remember that much about my first floorball training session ☺️

Foto profilo Instagram Tiltu SILTANEN

 4) Have you been playing for a long time, can you tell us your biggest disappointment in floorball, and also your biggest emotion?

4) well in sports sometimes you have to face disappointments. My biggest disappointment must be lost by one goal against Sweden in WFC both on final 2017 and semifinal 2019.. these also gave me big emotions of course but to give here some positive vibes I would have to say winning the Finnish league with Sb Pro and The moment when I was elected for The team Finland for wfc 2017 because it was such a long time I dreamed about it

 5) You are a player of Team SB Pro, a team of the Finnish Women's Championship, how do you feel about being part of it? 

5) as I mentioned before I am changing club for upcoming season. I love SB Pro, it's Been wonderful 7 years with them. But I feel that I need new Challenges and I believe The proper challenge is The swedish league so that is The reason behind The transfer. I have high expectations for Malmö FBC, they are young team with good team spirit and together we are hungry for the swedish championship.

I am proud that I've Been Part of sb Pro

6) What would you say to a girl or boy to make him choose the floorball, in the presence of other more famous sports?

6) I would tell them that you have to choose The sport that feels good and gives you good feelings because it gives you The right motivation for The sports. If you like team sports, speed and big emotions I definately recommend floorball ☺️ The sport is growing bigger throughout The world

 7) When will the championship restart in Finland? How do you think he will recover after the stop due to Coronavirus?

7) i'm not really sure when The Finnish league starts, I believe on Time in september as usual.. in Finland The situation is under control at The Time, but of course you never know how it Will be in The autumn. Hoping for better times for all over The world

Foto profilo Instagram Tiltu SILTANEN

 8) what is the best opponent you have faced to date? Is there a player you would like with you not a team?

8) do you mean a player or a team? The best opponent so far is the swedish national team. And as for one person I would say Veera Kauppi
I would love to have Denisa Ratajova Back in The same team with me

By Stefano Crotti

 9) In 2017 you take silver in the world championship but you are elected the strongest female goalkeeper in the world, can you tell us your feelings? 

9) well it was such fight from us and we were so close to score on over Time but then it went to penalty shooting and we Lost.. it was such a big disappointment. Of course i am quite happy overall on my own performance because there was a lot of pressure for My first appearance on WFC it felt good to be elected for the all Stars team Back then

Foto profilo Instagram Tiltu SILTANEN

10) Wilma Holm young Finnish goalkeeper, said that you are his idol, his model to follow, what advice would you give to this girl to grow well as a goalkeeper? Thank you so much for your availability, floorballmaniatv was happy to interview you.

10) nice to hear ☺️ My advice is to dream big, Set goals, believe in yourself and never give up! Also remember to Have fun while playing

Thank you so much for your availability, floorballmaniatv was happy to interview you.