A Floorballmaniatv, Sangeeta Rathi

Foto Archivio Sangeeta Rathi

Remember Sangeeta Rathi, Captain of the Indian Women's Team, a few days ago our editorial team contacted her to hear how things were going in India.

After assuring us that she was fine, she wanted to tell us how this dramatic global moment of the Covid 19 virus is going on in India, and the interview that we want you to read was born. The story of Sangeeta is very touching and heard.

1) Hello Sangeeta, how are you? let's go back to talking to you after the coronavirus period. How are you? Your family?

1) Hello, I'm fine. My family's fine too. I hope all is well with you too, thank you for asking.

2)What time is India going through at this time of the virus? how are things going?

2) First confirmed case of covid-19 is on 30th jan 2020 in kerala state. Approximately 20 lakh people have lost employment. The economic has been largely disruptive.

On 12th may prime minister address nation and said that COVID-19 crisis should be seen as a opportunity, laying emphasizing domestic product and self reliance.

Now a days markets are open including small shops, Not even that 20th june 2020 Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan was launched which helps poor people. Initial funding of Rs. 50,000 cr. Covering 6 states including 116 districts.

India's recovery rate from virus improves to 55.49%.
We hope to return to normal life soon.

3)How are the workouts going? can you train? When do you think everything can return to normal?

3) Workout is going good, there are ways we can stay active and continue our workout routine at home and some of these requires very little or no equipment.

We can get a great workout right in the comfort of our home.
Yoga and meditation are an excellent way to rejuvenate the spirit and keep calm, especially in such times.

Yes, online classes and seminars are sources of training and educating now a days. I think it'll unfortunately take many months to return to normal life.

4) When do you think the floorball can resume?

4) May be next year ,It'll be safe .
But ya definitely missing the floorball court.

At the end I wanna say that please take care, stay positive and keep smiling. It is challenging operating under the current restrictions; however, I am confident we will get through this, together. Stay safe and healthy.

5) What steps has your government taken to combat counting? What is the general situation?

5) Right now, Lockdown 5.0 (only for containment zones) is going on in India,
different phases of lockdown by Indian government as
Phase 1: 25 March 2020 – 14 April 2020 (21 days)
Phase 2: 15 April 2020 – 3 May 2020 (19 days)
Phase 3: 4 May 2020 – 17 May 2020 (14 days)
Phase 4: 18 May 2020 – 31 May 2020 (14 days)

Phase 5 (only for containment zones): 1 June 2020 – ongoing (21 days); scheduled to end on 30 June 2020, Opening of areas outside the containment zone.

In containment zones, there will be no relaxation and the lockdown will continue till 30th June 2020.

Only the essential activities will be allowed in the containment zones like medical emergencies maintaining a supply of essential goods and services etc

Almost all the activities in the containment zone will be opened in phases   as decided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Government, in the month of July 2020 after consultation with parents and stakeholders school, colleges, educational / training/coaching institutions will be opened.

Government says every citizen of the country should exercise face-covering in public places, every citizen of the country is advised to maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet, the public gatherings are limited to 50 guests in case of marriages and 20 in case of funeral , spitting in public places will be punishable offence with the fine.

Consumption of liquor, gutka, tobacco etc in public places is prohibited, work from home should be practised as far as possible, every employee should be screened on a daily basis, hand washing hand sanitizers will be made at all entry and exit point and common areas, staggering of work hours will be followed in offices, workplaces, shops, markets and industrial and commercial establishment.

And the entire workplace should be sanitized frequently especially all those points which come in to human contact frequently like door handles.

In India, total confirmed cases are around 425282, recovered 237196 (55.77%), hospitalized 174387 and death cases are approximately 13699.