A Floorballmaniatv, Jesper Andréasson


We return to Sweden and this time we go to the Pixbo Wallenstam team. It is true there are goalkeepers who speak and attackers who score, but among them there are defenders who fight. 

Today we will present you a great defender in every sense, technically strong and with a great physique. 

With his 191 cm class 1995, vinoresentiamo Jesper Andreasson defender of Pixbo Wallenstam. 

1) hi Jesper, thank you for accepting our interview. Introduce yourself to our readers, who are you and what do you do in life as well as playing Floorball? 

Hi Floorballmaniatv, My name is Jesper Andréasson and I’m 25 years old, born and raised in Gothenburg Sweden and I just bought my first apartment with my girlfriend Frida here in Gothenburg. I have been studying Chemical engineering at Chalmers university of technology. Last year I got my first job as a production engineer at a company called Nouryon pulp and performance chemicals, which is a global company with many different applications in the chemical industry. In my spare time I like to spend time with my girlfriend at my family’s summer house in xthe woods or go by boat in the archipelago in Gothenburg. Padel is also something that is growing fast in Sweden, and many of the guys in the team try to play each week.

2) When do you discover floorball? And why do you decide to play it? 

I discovered floorball quite late, I think I was around thirteen years old when I started playing. Before playing floorball, I was only playing football, and together with my friends we used to play street hockey on the street. I believe it was there I develop my stick handling and my interest in floorball. My friends talked me into testing it and from that first training I feel in love with the sport, since then I have been playing pretty much every day.

3) What was your first floorball team? Have you always played defender? Remember your first workout? Tell us.

I started my career in a club called Marstrands IBK which is located 15 minutes north of Gothenburg, I started playing as a defender but sometimes I also played center. I remember some things from my first workout, such as the big difference as a defender that you are much more involved in the game compared to football. I also remember that I actually played forward one SSL game with Pixbo but my coach perhaps realized I belong as a defender 


4) Have you been playing for a long time, can you tell us your biggest disappointment in floorball, and also your biggest emotion?

I have been playing floorball for 12 years and a total of 9 years in Pixbo Wallenstam, my biggest disappointment was when we were playing the junior tournament with Pixbo, we had a really good team and we had won all of the tournaments previous to this one.  But then we went to this match against a team called Hagfors, and as you might know at this point it didn’t turn out as we wanted, we had a lot of chances, but the ball didn’t bounce our way this day. The match went to penalty face of, and there we lost the game and we were out of the tournament.

My biggest emotion was my first year in Pixbo, David called me and said that he wanted to invite me to play with the A-team in Prauge and Czech open, I was super thrilled because this was nothing I was expecting. The tournament was super fun and all of the guys welcomed me very well, the tournament went well and I scored my first goal in the Pixbo jersey, and the tournament ended with a gold medal!

5) You are a player of the Swedish championship elite Pixbo Wallenstam, how do you feel about being part of it? How does a Pixbo player experience the game against Falun?

I’m really proud of playing in Pixbo Wallenstam because it is a team with a long and great history of being a top team in the league, it is a real privilege. The games against Falun are always one of the best and funniest to play. They are a great team and the club is really professional both on and off the pitch. It is always a lot of people on the stands and the games are often even, when you step on the pitch it is a thrill in your body which is amazing.

6) What would you say to a girl or boy to make him choose the floorball, in the presence of other more famous sports?

I would say that there is no other sport like floorball, if you are a player which love to be able to affect the game you should chose floorball. Every player in the team needs to be involved on a whole other level than in many other sports, there is no such thing as play the boll out of the zone and then rest. It is a game of speed and creativity, there are so much individual talent and coincidences that occurs on the field which you need to take advantage of to be able to score a goal.

7) When will the championship restart in Sweden? How do you think he will recover after the stop due to Coronavirus?

We are all aiming for a “normal” startup in September, at the moment we are training half of the time together and half on our own. Hopefully we will see an end to the Covid-19 pandemic soon, so everything can go back to normal.


8) who is the best player you have played with to date? What is the strongest opponent you have faced against? Is there a player, in your opinion, that you would like at Pixbo Wallenstam for his skill? 

The best player I have played with to date must be Daniel Calebsson, the level he managed to be on game after game even though he had some injuries holding him back in the end he was a great player in every aspect, I have even seen him shooting a slapshot from half of the picth in goal, perhaps Östholm had to show him first but he could do that to…

The best player I have played against I believe is Emil Johansson, the speed and ability to twist and turn is incredible. It is not easy to stop him without breaking any rules. There are always many players that you would like to have in our own team, but just to pick one is too hard to do.

9) What does the Pixbo Wallenstam look like at the start of the Championship? Will you aim for the final victory? 

Before last season we had a lot of players leaving and many new younger talented guys joined instead, people talked about us as a bottom team in the league. But we proved them wrong, with ending third in the league after the season. This year I believe we are better than the year before, as the new players that have joined now are really good. 

The goal for me personally is always being on top of the table and the podium, it doesn’t matter what I do because I always want to be the best, and as for the team we are all aiming for the gold medal!


10) You are also a player of the Swedish national team, what does it feel like to be one of the strongest defenders around? 

I played with the U19 – National team, and that was also one of the happiest and proudest moments in my career. The feeling of the putting on the national jersey and hearing the national anthem is incredible. You get the feeling that is you and your teammates against the whole world, and that everything is possible! I would really want to experience that feeling again.