Eddie, from Sweden for a big project.

Foto Alex Bupasiri
Floorballmaniatv continues to travel and discover, new realities of floorball in the world.
This time we arrived in Thailand, where we met Eddie, a Swede who is carrying out a project, intriguing in foreign land. we asked him some questions we feel and tell us about his experience.

1) your story, how do you call yourself, who are you and what do you do in Thailand besides teaching floorball?

1) my name is Eddie I'm from Sweden and move to Thailand and work of sport school...

2) how did you bring floorball to Thailand? In which city do you work as a coach? tell us your club story

2) I come to Thailand for holidays and my family from Thailand and visiting my family... After I know have floorball in Thailand and I think I will make floorball academy for kids and school and I contact school and Thailand association...city of Thailand surin province

3) How many teams are there in Thailand? are there youth leagues?

3) now I have 3 school I coach and teach have 7 school in Thailand play floorball and school leagues...

Foto Alex Bupasiri
4) have you ever organized international tournaments? How do you introduce kids to floorball?

4) no I never organized international tournaments only Asian tournaments I coach kids and teachers them that I know of floorball..

5) do you have women's teams, or are the teams mixed?

5) yes I have girls and boy...

6) the Thai federation is growing, how do you think it can be improved?

6) yes them can be very good of floorball and have chance play whit Thailand national team..

7) are there any players in your teams with great potential? how old are they?

7) yes them are and old are from 13-18 years....

8) in 5/6 years, will the Thai national team play an important role in the world cup?

8) now Thailand national team play ready word cup 3time now men and women..

Foto Alex Bupasiri
9) How are you facing this coronavirus moment? are your workouts stopped or do you still have the opportunity to play?

9) is very bad of Corona virus come so we stop training and wait to see but I tell my players make basic and send me whit online..

10) Floorballmaniatv is happy to have interviewed you and to have made your story known.

10) I'm very happy I can help kids and school in Thailand for make them known of floorball and them have chance to visit Sweden of my friend clubs and my old club.. That I do is for help kids in Thailand....